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Tricky! Bizarre! Meet the Trichobezoar!

Posted May 9, 2012

This nasty character visits most cats eventually. He’s rarely dangerous, but he’s no fun, either.... Read More →

Hairballs, The Sequel: Return of the Thing!

Posted May 9, 2012

It’s a special effect you could do without. Learn to master the “hair monster.” Dragons... Read More →

A Crate to Call Home

Posted May 9, 2012

Housetraining has come a long way from the “rub his nose in it” days; the... Read More →

Conferences in Vegas and Vancouver

Posted May 9, 2012

Dr. Ray and better-half Roxanne, Candace and Sarah all attended the Western States Veterinary Conference... Read More →

Leptospirosis Update

Posted May 9, 2012

What do the Fraser Valley, Stanley Park and North Vancouver all have in common? They... Read More →

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