Bernese Mountain Dog

A hardy, natural, good-natured working breed that today is known principally as a faithful family companion. The Bernese temperament is one of the breed’s strongest assets.

Consistent and dependable with a strong desire to please. Self-confident, alert, good natured. Attached and loyal to human family; may be aloof or suspicious with strangers, but never sharp or shy.

Height 20-30"
Shedding Heavy
Activity Moderate
Life Span 7-10 Years

Males: 24.4-27.6 inches (62-70 cm), Females: 22.8-26 inches (58-66 cm).

 The adult coat is thick, moderately long, possibly with a slight wave but never curly. It has a bright natural sheen. In texture it is soft rather than harsh, but is weather resistant, easily kept and resists matting. There is a soft, seasonal undercoat. Compulsory markings: Jet-black ground colour. Rich russet markings appear on the cheeks, in a spot over each eye, in a patch above each foreleg, and on all four legs between the black of the upper leg and the white of the feet.

Doctor's Advice

These handsome, noble dogs are intelligent and faithful guardians of the household, but aloof with strangers. Berners have a high incidence of cancer and rarely live beyond 10 years of age