Puppy Reality Series by Dr. Ray – Part 2

Posted January 9, 2014



Breeders and Pet Stores can’t guarantee the health of a puppy

A touchy subject because I know many top quality breeders that take extreme care in their pursuit of producing only healthy pets. Nevertheless, genetics are not an exact science and a “defective” puppy can be born from near perfect parents.

The reality check occurs when the new puppy owner is faced with a genetic defect and goes back to the breeder to exercise the “guarantee”. The breeder typically disputes the claim until their veterinarian confirms the problem, so that at least 2 veterinarians are in agreement of the diagnosis. Following this agreed upon diagnosis, the breeder usually offers a “trade-in”. That means that this beautiful little puppy that your family has bonded with has to be given back to the breeder, whereupon they will give you a different puppy from another litter. Breeders and pet stores do not give your money back and let you keep the puppy!

Of course you are not going to trade in your new family member like a pair of defective shoes!

My advice is to sign up for pet insurance for the first 2 years, which should cover most of the costs of any significant inherited defect.

Reality point: Don’t expect financial help from the breeder or pet store, even if they offered a “guarantee”.

– Dr. Ray

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