Puppy Reality Series by Dr. Ray – Part 3

Posted February 14, 2014

The kids get tired of the biting, pooping and pet

In my experience, children under 6 years of age just aren’t able to cope with the daily workload of caring for a puppy. They will make any promises necessary to get the puppy into the home but afterwards…well….mom and/or dad end up doing most of the pet chores. This is a story that plays out in every family with young children.

Another reality check occurs when the playful biting and scratching that puppies do becomes overwhelming for young kids, and they lose interest in the pup. As the puppy grows bigger and taller in months 3-5, it is able to chase the kids, jump at their faces and nip their noses, causing inadvertent anger and tears. This is all normal puppy play that can be controlled, but not completely eliminated until they mature.

Reality points for parents: Don’t have unrealistic expectations about kids and pet chores, and expect the kids to initially be upset about the puppy’s aggressive playing. Within 6-9 months the puppy will settle down into a “normal” rhythm and the biting, scratching and pooping stresses will be a distant memory.

Dr. Ray

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